9 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Get A Trampoline

A Trampoline is a wonderful device that is used for recreational and competitive purposes. Many different Trampolines are used for various competitive training and sports. Many kinds of jumping and rebounding activities can be performed on the trampoline. By doing these activities, one can acquire a great level of fun and also do better workouts. But, some people don’t like this amazing device as there are many risks involved in using trampolines. If anyone uses a trampoline without following proper guidelines and precautions, he or she can hurt himself. The trampolines ruin the grass and make people angry. Thus, there are so many reasons why some persons hate trampolines.

A Round Trampoline on the Back Yard Grass

Why you don’t want a Trampoline

  1. Trampolines are dangerous – A trampoline is a risky device to use and cause various injuries if proper safety materials are not installed with it. There is a distinct integrity of a particular trampoline, and if you exceed this integrity, you can face fatal results. Using the trampoline that does not suit your weight or not having safety pads on the steel springs and the springs is very dangerous.
  2. Trampolines cannot be used safely – Using any particular machine such as the bicycle, car or a rowing machine has its basic safety rules so that risk is minimized. The trampolines also need some precautions for keeping children safe. Jumping many children at the same time on the trampoline, trying some extra rebounding can cause bad results.
  3. Trampolines are not available for people of all ages – Trampolines are best suited for people in the ages of 18 to 35 years. The individuals with upper ages cannot enjoy playing on the trampolines. So, an elderly people who want to strengthen joints and improves bone density should use other exercise machines such as exercise bikes or Treadmills.
  4. Trampolines are too costly – There are many types of trampolines that have been manufactured now with all the safety enclosures of branded quality. The safety pads on the steel frames, the springs and the Ultraviolet resistant designing materials used in the making of the trampolines together make cost of this device very high. Due to very high cost, everyone cannot buy Trampolines.

Florida-Trampoline-Insurance5. Trampolines do not help to lose weight – Performing only jumping and rebounding on the Trampoline does not make you burn calories and lose weight. This indeed is a myth that you can maintain an attractive body shape by losing weight by just using the Trampoline. The rowing machines, Treadmills are thus good alternatives.

6. Trampolines ruin the grass in the yard – Many people buy Trampolines and place them in improper settings such as near the trees or near other structures. This setting will ruin the grass as the trampoline mat does not allow sunlight to get through them. With no sunlight, grass is unable to grow and gets destroyed.

7. Trampolines can cause life-threatening Injuries – Many inexperienced users of Trampolines can sometimes misjudge their landings resulting in various life threatening injuries. Severe cuts, scrapes, bruising and broken bones can also occur if the body is used away from the ground. Moreover, lack of fencing and locked access points in the Trampolines can cause severe sprains and strains.Continue reading to check full-body workout with dumbbells .

8. Trampolines don’t come with insurance policy – Every person cannot add a trampoline to the outdoor equipment in his or her yard. There is a need of proper allowance of the insurance policy before adding the trampoline in the yard. The policy feature also provides necessary fencing and gate that is required for the safety of the Trampoline.

9.Trampolines are too tall and impossible to remove – There are some Trampolines that have enormous heights that can make any person frightened. The extra height can also cause severe breathing problems in some man. The trampolines materials used makes the overall weight massive and so are impossible to be removed.



In summary, Trampolines provide very effective jumping and fun but are very dangerous. Doctors warn to keep your children from trampoline as it can cause various pain and injuries. Due to various negative effects, some people do not like Trampolines.