About this Site

I created this blog with the intent of providing new and different ways of approaching the body, the mind and well being as a whole. The western approach to health and fitness as well as western is medicine is obsessed with curing only the symptoms of ill health and disease, but does nothing to get at the root of the problem. The allopathic approach to well being is limited by its narrow approach of only treating the symptoms of disease while ignoring the myriad ways in which the human organism operates as a whole. The same applies to fitness. While rigor and intensity are a huge part of the way fitness is done in the west, true well being and health is born out of a gentler and more sophisticated approach.

I have been practising the ancient discipline of yoga for a decade now and it is done more good for me than I had thought possible. Although I started out with the limited approach of only using asana (body postures and movement) to develop flexibility under the tutelage of an amazing yoga practitioner, I realized that the essence of yoga was to learn to meditate in every movement. Through experience I learnt how to breathe deeper in my movements, balance better and calm my mind with more skill. It began to not only improve my health and fitness, but also changed my behaviour and my relationships with people for the better.

Over time I began to incorporate yogic principles into other area of my training, including my running and weight training. The results were nothing short of amazing. I had better balance, more endurance and more awareness in each activity which greatly enhanced my experience of exercise. Through this blog, I hope to open you guys to the immense possibilities of developing a more holistic and awareness based approach to your training, exercise, health and life.

To your success and growth,


Ps: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions