5 Types of Exercises

Any physical activity involving hands or legs is known as exercise. The activities that involve more impact are called as high-intensity exercises. While, activities involving less impact are known as low-intensity financial years. If we go in detail, we will find so many exercises working on different body muscles. Some perform exercises for building abs. Some perform exercises for toning legs. And some other performs exercises for burning calories.

After looking at methods and benefits, exercises were classified into 5 common types. Let us read these types one by one:

1. Strength Exercises

Strength Exercises

These are exercises included in interval training and impact training programs. The primary motive of these exercises is to increase intensity and resistance of the body. Through the help of these exercises, individuals carry out daily life activities very easily. Exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, deadlifts are considered as strength exercises. Most of the strength exercises are done by

  • Using resistance bands and round balls
  • Using weights and dumbbells
  • Using the support of various body parts
  • Along with building strength, these exercises also help in improving balance.

2. Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility Exercises

The stretching and elongation of muscles is done with the help of these exercises. These are exercises that prevent human beings from different diseases. With flexibility exercises, people lose a large amount of weight in shorter periods. Both static and dynamic stretching is achieved with these exercises. Calf stretch, shoulder stretch, and yoga exercises help in providing the great sense of flexibility. By performing flexibility routinely, you can

  • Avoid back pain and Arthritis pain
  • Maintain the body posture
  • Cure various injuries

3. Stability Exercises

Stability Exercises

These exercises are particularly performed for maintaining the body alignment. These high impact activities work on various joints and bones. By performing these exercises, one can avail better control and coordination. The stretching and moving of joints and bones provide a large amount of energy to body parts. People perform these exercises with a motive of strengthening the core and abdominal muscles.

4. Balance Exercises

Balance Exercises

For making body fit and healthy, it is very important to make the balance of different things eaten in the entire day. Like the ecosystem, the human body also needs proper balance for providing long lasting performance. These exercises are performed for maintaining mental focus and providing stability. As most of the adults face the problem of falling, so they generally stand on one foot and walk on heels. Tai chi is another popular balance exercise.

5. Endurance Exercises

Endurance Exercises

These exercises help in increasing stamina and determination. These activities utilize the body oxygen and impart more energy to respiratory organs. Due to this reason, endurance exercises enhance breathing and heart rate. People who perform different aerobic exercises routinely would surely have fantastic body fitness. Achieve all body cardiovascular workout by performing these exercises on daily basis. According to your preference you can choose from these endurance activities:

  • Dancing
  • Running/Jogging
  • Digging


Directly or indirectly all exercises help in building strength and improving balance. Flexibility exercises including shoulder stretch, calf stretch, and yoga. Stability Exercises involving joints and bones help in maintaining the body alignment. Strength exercises are performed by using dumbbells and resistance bands. Endurance exercises provide a great amount of oxygen and help in improving the respiratory system.

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